Strategic Planning & Consulting
Association Strategic Management and Counseling Services

    Alternative futures assessment and future scenarios
    Facilitating planning meetings
    Defining the association's purpose, publics and customers
    Identifying an organizational vision and mission
    Setting attainable goals, objectives, strategies and policies
    Developing an optimal organizational culture
    Evaluation, assessment and updating of strategies
    Developing salable products from planning research
    Restructuring the association for maximum effectiveness
    CEO counseling
    Maximizing relationships between volunteers and staff
    Facilitating mergers and acquisitions
    Incubating new associations

Strategic Communications Evaluation

    Communications audits
    Determination of public perceptions of the association and its competitors
    Analysis of relationships with employees and the effectiveness of internal communications
    Development of long-range communications strategy

Among the services provided by The Creative Group of Solution Companies are: Advertising, Branding, Broadcast Production & Programs, Communication Audits, Design, Development & Fundraising, Graphic Identity Programs, Logos, Marketing, Media Publicity, Public Relations, Special Events, Sports Marketing, Web sites and e-commerce.

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